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Invited Speakers

The following speakers have already confirmed their attendance:

Gregg Beckham

National Renewable Energy Laboratory (US)

Erich Bornberg-Bauer

Westfalian Wilhelms University Muenster (DE)

Meandering in sequence space: from protein to protein, from void to protein, (mostly) from protein to void -- and no function in sight

Rebecca Buller

Zurich University of Applied Sciences (CH)

Evolving Fe/ α-ketoglutarate-dependent halogenases

Jiří Damborský

Masaryk University (CZ)

Computational Mining of Novel Enzymes by EnzymeMiner

Woody Fessner

TU Darmstadt (DE)

Engineering Enzymes for Non-Natural Application Scope

Anthony Green

University of Manchester (UK)

Design and Evolution of Enzymes using an Expanded Genetic Code

Bernhard Hauer

University of Stuttgart (DE)

Novel reactions to derivatize N-heterocyclic compounds

Florian Hollfelder

University of Cambridge (UK)

Rules and Tools for Identifying and Evolving Promiscuous Biocatalysts

Todd Hyster

Princeton University (US)

Photoenzyme Catalysis - Using Light to Reveal New Enzyme Functions

Dick B. Janssen

University of Groningen (NL)

Computer-supported engineering of enzyme stability and selectivity

Henk-Jan Joosten

Bio-Prodict (NL)

Accurate mutation prediction by combining big data from 3DM with machine learning

Paul Kamer

Leibniz Institute for Catalysis (DE)

Artificial enzymes based on Rh and Pd: hydroformylation and other non-natural reactions

Robert Kourist

TU Graz (AT)

Alain Marty


Ioannis Pavlidis

University of Crete (GR)

Florian Rudroff

TU Wien (AT)

Sandy Schmidt

TU Graz (AT)

Illuminating Biocatalysis: Using the Power of Light to Drive Enzymatic Reactions

Burckhard Seelig

University of Minnesota (US)

Engineering unnatural enzymes by in vitro selections

Patrice Soumillion

Université catholique de Louvain (BE)

Directed evolution of enzymes in vivo, from easy to arduous cases

Per-Olof Syrén

KTH Royal Institute of Technology (SE)

Biocatalytic polymer synthesis and recycling