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Biocatalysis has seen a tremendous development - especially in the past few years - with major achievements in areas such as enzyme discovery, advanced computational tools for enzyme engineering, novel chemistry catalyzed by engineered biocatalysts, integration of several enzymes into multistep cascades as well as combinations with metal-, organo-, photo- and electro-chemistry.

Taking together, these advances substantially help to deal with the multiple challenges to achieve a sustainable and energy-efficient bioeconomy in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries and further areas of applications.

The 7th international conference on  Novel Enzymes will cover the most recent and exciting advances in the field and aims to identify future trends. The conference is a continuation of the conference series on Novel Enzymes, previous meetings were held in Ghent 2014, in Groningen 2016 and in Darmstadt 2018.

Major Topics

  • Novel natural enzymes for biocatalysis
  • Enzyme engineering for new applications
  • Enzymes designed for „new-to-nature“ reactions
  • Novel tools for enzyme discovery and engineering
  • Combination of chemo- and enzyme catalysis
  • Enzyme cascade reactions

We very much look forward to meet you in Greifswald in September 2020 to enjoy together cutting-edge science in oral and poster presentations! Please be informed that according to our current timeschedule we will start on Monday by 3pm and end on Thursday noon.

Prof. Dr. Uwe T. Bornscheuer
Chairman of the Organization Committee

Acknowledgement: This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Programme (Marie Curie Actions) under grant agreement n° 722610.